Ugo Landini

Ugo Landini

Senior Solutions Engineer


Short Bio

I have more than 25 years experience in software development and IT industry. I have matured a significant competency in distributed applications, starting in the other century when it wasn’t even a buzzword - JINI, anyone? I have worked as a designer, lead architect or coach in many different projects for many different companies. I had the chance to work with a lot of methods, processes and tools and had the opportunity to teach and talk about what I have learned in ILT (Instructor’s Led Training) courses, in seminars in front of hundreds of people, at the University as well as on national TV, greatly enhancing my communication skills.

  • Distributed Architectures
  • Streaming
  • Big Data
  • Computer Science

  • Math (uncompleted)



Senior Solutions Engineer
Jul 2019 – Present

Helping EMEA companies adopting event streaming and harnessing the power of real-time data

Solutions built on top of:

  • Kafka Streaming
  • Data Design
  • Confluent Platform
Principal Solution Architect
Nov 2012 – Jul 2019

Design and proposal of middleware solutions for top Red Hat customers

Solutions designed on top of:

  • OpenShift/Kubernetes
  • AMQ & Kafka
  • Data Grid
  • Microservices and everything middleware
Consulting Architect
Aug 2012 – Nov 2012
VFabric Architect. Specialized in Spring, Big Data (Gemfire), Messaging (AMQP)
Cofounder & CTO
Sep 2011 – Sep 2013
Independent Game Developing. Pomodoro elected several times as Apple choice of the week
Professional Master @ CIO
Feb 2008 – Jul 2012
Founder & CTO
Jan 2007 – Jan 2015
The first Italian Java Conference, which then became a generic IT Conference
JUG (Java User Group) Roma
Jan 2006 – Jan 2012
Organization of local JUG meetings
CTO - Chief Technology Officer
Oct 2006 – Feb 2008
Oct 2006 – Aug 2007
Regular columnist for Java Journal, the first italian Java magazine.
Senior Java Architect
Dec 2000 – Oct 2006
Worked as a consultant/mentor/coach on EAI projects for top Sun customers
CTO - Chief Technology Officer
Jan 1999 – Jan 2000
Designed the architecture for, an U.S. Internet start-up. Led a 15 people team
Jan 1998 – Jan 1999
Designed the Spiderwork framework to help the development of full Object Oriented n-tier Java/CORBA/EJB applications (Sirena and Netunion). Led a 4 people team. We won a prize for Software Development Best Practice at Softech 2000
PRAEL Sistemi
Jan 1997 – Jan 1998
Instructor of Object Oriented languages (C++, Java) Object Based environment (Forté), Client/Server, Relational Database, and other courseware
SHARK s.n.c.
Jan 1994 – Jan 1996
Founded Shark s.n.c., a MS-Windows based software company targeted to small business
Jan 1989 – Jan 1990
Created and sold to Honeywell BULL my first commercial software for ACI (Automobil Club Italia)