Hands on HACEP Highly available and horizontally scalable complex event processing


L100472 - Hands on HACEP: Highly available and horizontally scalable complex event processing

Recognizing important patterns in data, as they occur in real-time, is critical. With complex event processing (CEP), organizations can recognize, understand, and react to business events faster by processing large volumes of inbound data. This includes data from social networks, remote sensor readings, online-gaming player events, credit card transactions, and location data from delivery vehicles. Critical CEP workloads require solutions that tolerate the failure of one or more processing nodes, while easily scaling to handle growing data volumes. They must process a high volume, velocity, and variety of inbound data, infer the context, and take appropriate action in real time while adhering to stringent availability and scalability service level agreements. In this lab, you’ll implement a simple rule-based, event-based application on a cluster of distributed nodes. You’ll see your events and rules scale up and down thanks to HACEP, which is the combination of Red Hat JBoss BRMS superpowered with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid.

Instructors: Ugo Landini, Sanne Grinovero, Andrea Leoncini, Andrea Tarocchi

Ugo Landini
Ugo Landini
Senior Solutions Engineer

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